[ Leader Skill ] Supernatural ability... Ultra-Deduction!

Increases Azure ATK and HP by 50%.

[ Active Skill ] You've still got nothing on a great detective like me.

Disables all enemy Skills for 3 turns.
Cooldown: 14 → 10 turns

[ Subskill 1 ] I already know who did it.

Activates when 50 (42 at Lv5) total Azure Orbs are cleared. Completely fills Beatdown Gauge.

[ Subskill 2 ] There's no point in resisting.

Activates when the Marble bounces off the walls a total of 30 (27 at Lv5) times. Increases damage of all Team members by 100 (125 at Lv5) for 1 turn.

[ Memo ]

A detective at the Armed Detective Agency. With confidence beyond belief in his own abilities, he has a tendency to say things that cross the line, but his skills are true and he is capable of solving even the most complex of cases instantaneously.

[ Quotes ]

Home Screen
Play I have supernatural abilities, you see.
Play I can do it in less than that. If he's more capable than me as you claim, he can do it too, right?
Play Look! The latest sweets! ... You want some? No way, I'm only sharing with the Director!

Battle Start
Play Uh, I'm not interested in this kind of thing. You guys do it!
Active Skill
Play My supernatural ability shows me how to defeat any enemy, like some kind of revelation!
Special Attack
Play There's no point in running away.
Follow-up Attack
Play What a pain in the ass.
Next Wave
Play Time for a little game.
Battle End
Play Well, that wasn't very exciting.
Game Over
Play What, do I have to help out?
Power Up / Evolution
Play I wonder if the director will praise me for this.

[ Gallery ]

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Attribute Crimson · Emerald · Azure · Light · Dark
Type Offensive · Defensive · Balanced · Support · Special
Affiliation Armed Detective Agency · Port Mafia · Guild · Rats in the House of the Dead · Independent · Mimic · Supernatural Ability Special Investigation Division
Other UR · SSR · SR · R · Voiced · Special Image · Regular · Limited · Male · Female
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